about us

Our Mission

We are bringing homeowners and communities together, with the help of volunteers, to repair and/or modify homes for our Aging in Place homeowners who are unable to do so themselves. Our focus is to help Senior homeowners remain in their homes in a safe, comfortable and familiar environment.

  • Develop a volunteer community that supports and advocates our mission
  • Through our actions promote dignity and hope for the families and community we serve
  • Be knowledgeable of local, state and federal issues regarding the aging in place and partner with other organizations to initiate and strengthen our impact in the community
  • Seek private giving and donations to support our mission and ensure transparency of funding and expenses and avoidance of conflict of interests
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards through fairness in policies and procedures
  • To view our work as transformational in the lives of the families and community that we serve when we have facilitated a positive and lasting change for good
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship of all resources entrusted to Under One Roof

Our Vision

To enhance the quality of life for the individual homeowner, families and the community.

Our Values

Under One Roof treats all people with dignity and respect.  We honor the principles or honesty and fairness.  We recognize and respond to others in a caring manner.  We strive to be financially, socially and environmentaly responsible.  We welcome the challenge to continually improve our program.

Officers and Board of Directors

Richard Drake

Founder & CEO

Jane Griffith

Board Secretary

Chris Pain


Pat Claiborne

Board President

Lauren Tillapaugh


Justin Pierce

Board Member


Board Vice President

Jane Twenge


Jacki Davidson

Board Treasurer

Gale Swann